1. Nowhere Seen

From the recording Sleeping Secrets

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Nowhere Seen

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Far away where the secrets sleep…
A fallen local, only seventeen
A place where yellow means slow down, not speed

Behind the hills where no one could see

A swirl of darkness serves to brighten the day
It keeps me warm under skies of grey
A navigation through the nowhere seen

So many trees I'm dying to meet

Such a stunning sight, my god!
A photogenic show of innocence
…it's not what it seems
They only tell me what they want me to know
I cannot just let this go…
Don't lose hope, just breathe

Awoke to something yet unmet
the sacred echoes of Tibet
The rock formations call to me
to view what birds can see

I know why I'm here
Alive with eyes wide open
My thoughts disappear
I'll leave the bears my old skin

…and all I hear is….

Just Breathe!