From the recording Deth Knell

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I'm so tired of the fact that I cannot be alone
I'm so tired of my thoughts on my couch
I'm so tired of the fact that they won't stop talking to me
I'm so sad that they just won't get out

It's a dilemma that I have when I don't get what I want
What a privilege to be broken like me
It's a dilemma everyday that I find myself this way
Amen, if you're tired like me

Expect nothing bad to happen to me
While the rest of them expect the worse
Expect the unexpected so I'm always disappointed
Like a self-prescribed luxury curse

Got everything I want, but more room to complain
Take my thoughts with me to the hearse

With my pocket
Got a pocket full of pokies you see
The only problem
That not enough of you are going to see

So I'll just sit in the dark
Sit in the dark