1. Killer Wail

From the recording Die in the Sunshine


I heard the monster’s in the water But it’s lookin’ pretty good The waves are waving at me And they’re telling me I should Takin’ my boogie board out So I boogie my way there I got the sun who has my back And the seagulls patrol the air Killer wail Some say the kreature has five eyes Some say as big as a truck I think there’s something in the water Making their minds a muck You all just simmer here Enjoy the summer here And forget the monster on the water So we can “rock lobster” Killer wail I’m here just waiting I’m here just waiting I see a shadow I’m the water And it’s lookin’ kinda hazy It got me thinkin’ It got me thinkin’ Is it the monster that they told me That be making the ship sinkin’ I got myself in a mess Killer wail Who knew you were for real Lifeguard, can you see my distress Killer wail God, I hope it finds a new meal