1. Side Street

From the recording Deth Knell

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Pray in the morning
Sin in the night
I'm balancing left and right (My plight)
My Bible sits below the dust of shame

Picture the scene
I'm behind the screen
On the other side, the Apostles Creed
Creator of Heaven, I'm I the only one to blame?

Forgiven today
Forgotten tomorrow

The judge and the jury rest next to my side
But the one that's the loudest is the one that's inside
Oh how this rabbit hole gets big enough to swallow us whole

Apple tree
Calling me
Apple tree
Calling me
Apple tree
I always seem to choke on
Apple tree
In the distance
Apple tree
When all is quiet

I feel the rush but I
Dare to stay
I always seem to choke on

Born in the morning, dead in the night
I'm dancing with the devil tonight (Recite)
Dear Lord, forgive for my trespasses