I took my time
(Steady Dying of Dying)
To whine and dine
(Steady Dying of Dying)
Your every need
(Steady Dying of Dying)
Till my fingers bleed
(Steady Dying of Dying)
(Break free)

I push my luck
I push my luck for them to
To give a fuck
But no one trips like I do
(Steady Dying of Dying)
Some days take a toll with a bitter ending
(Steady Dying of Dying)
But then I taste that sweet and I break that low
The lengths you’ll
To drag your broken soul

Steady diet of dying

Pass the test and hold my breath
Free what oxygen surrounds me
Break my back to ease the pain
They sit upon the chair I envy
Tell me if you want me to, serve my heart upon a platter
Bury me I’ll bury you
Tell me how much it matters when we’re dead